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FREEBEE FRIDAY: A Classroom with Vision

MVB_BOX_Web_(2) Once you have a class full of PCs and eager faces, what do you do next? Often the hardware ate up the lion’s share of the technology budget, leaving little room for digital curriculum and classroom management software. Netop can help with a line of classroom management programs that can change the way a class learns. Called MyVision, the object is to make teaching with technology as easy and natural as using a chalk board was a generation ago. Based on GenevaLogic software, the program will work with PCs and Macs and let teachers digitally look over students shoulders to see what they’re using their computers for. On top of the Free version, which is currently in beta testing, Netop will offer an inexpensive Basic edition that includes tools for guiding students, blanking screens and turning the Internet on and off for individuals. 



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