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Project Without Wires

Wireless_DisplayLink_FrontRight_300dpi Tripped over a projector’s cable lately or spent too much time plugging in wires to get it to work? If you’re like me, all too much time has been spent tangled in projector cables. InFocus may be able to free us all from this tangle with a new wireless technology for connecting computer to projector. It uses WisAir’s ultra wide band wireless USB chip to beam what’s on a PC’s screen to the projector for up to about 30 feet. It’s able to work with up to 1,440 by 900 resolution is protected with 128-bit encryption and the USB transmitter and receiver dongles are paired for greater security. At $159, it’s a great add-on that will be out by the time most schools start in early September, but it only works with InFocus projectors that have DisplayLink technology built-in.

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