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Complete Digital Curriculum Toolkit

Digital school 1

I have to admit really liking Adobe’s current Digital School Collection as an excellent and comprehensive toolbox for to turn paper curriculum into digital lessons. The only shortcoming was that the major apps in it were too different from each other, and required some time, patience and practice to work through a complicated project. A great way to either create digital class programs or student portfolios, it consists of PhotoShop Elements 8, Premeire Elements 8 as well as a slew of utilities and supporting software.

Digital school 2

The next version will be even better because the interfaces of PhotoShop and Premeire are more similar and have a common organizer for files, although they’re still dedicated to the task at hand. A big step forward is the ability to run on netbooks, which are becoming more and more popular with school buyers. On top of Contribute CS4 and Acrobat 9 Pro, the package includes an online service for creating podcasts, but it hasn’t been integrated into Soundbooth CS4. In addition to a lot of teacher and class resources, Adobe will be creating tutorials and lessons over the coming year. It costs $149 with school discounts available.


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