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Scanning on a Budget


There’s no doubt that over the last few years, few tech items have come down in price faster than flat bed scanners. Rather than a luxury, a flatbed scanner is now an affordable necessity for every school. Epson takes the next step by pricing its latest Perfection V600 scanner at $250. Capable of turning paper documents, photo prints or with the included media carrier even film or slides into brilliant digital files, the V600 produces super-sharp images of 6,400 by 9,600 resolution. Because it illuminates the original with LEDs, not fluorescent lighting tubes, the scanner neither needs any annoying warm up time nor a calibration every time it’s turned on. It comes with Digital Ice and Easy Photo Fix software which lets users repair old, faded and ripped images as well as software for emailing scans or turning them into Acrobat files. There’s an online tour of the scanner, which goes on sale in mid October.


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