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The Importance of Being Tech

Learning in the 21st century cover Based on a recent survey of parents of school-age children, schools are not doing enough to teach them tech. The Project Tomorrow survey asked 335,000 students, parents and teachers and showed that two out of three parents don’t think today’s schools are preparing students for tomorrow’s technologies, while half of the principals asked said they were doing a good job. The parents surveyed thought that the schools need more access to state of the art equipment, like interactive boards, notebooks and projectors, and teachers need more tech training. It’s all in Learning in the 21st Century: Parents’ Perspectives, Parents’ Priorities – a must read for parents, students, teachers and administrators, alike.


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It is really important to help the youth learn these technologies in school, especially since so much is being done on a collegiate level to better use technology. The younger we incorporate these kinds of learning techniques the easier the transition will be between lower and higher ed.

I couldn't agree more becuase it's never too soon to start to learn.

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