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I Spy

Pc tools What could possibly be worse than going through the hassles of guarding a school’s computers from spyware attack? Dealing with the consequences of an attack are much harder, more time consuming and a lot more frustrating that preventing the damage in the first place. The latest version of PC Tools Spyware Doctor is a complete protection toolkit that can make it a lot easier and quicker to keep the prying eyes of the Internet away from your school’s computers.

The key is that its ThreatFire technology finds and blocks potential bad software before it becomes a threat while its multi-layered approach can protect against phishing and silent drive-by downloads. The program’s Site Guard keeps kids away from unsavory sites that can hold potential dangers and Cookie Guard gets rid of tracking and ad cookies. Plus, the software’s Idle Mode scans for bad software while the machine isn’t being used, but is smart enough not to do this while a notebook is on battery power.

It works on all recent versions of Windows (including Win 7) and costs $40 for a 3-system license. If all this sounds interesting for your school, there’s a free trial that detects, but doesn’t eliminate, threats.



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