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Smarts Without the Board

LiteBoard_Projector_00 When I saw InFocus’s IN3900 family of projectors at this summer’s NECC education technology show, I thought it was a winner that could simplify the classroom while saving a few bucks. Well, it’s ready for the classroom and is now on sale. It’s the first of an expected family of projectors that have the capabilities of the company’s LiteBoard interactive board built-in. With its special wand, students or teachers can mark-up sentences, circle items and even draw onLiteBoard_Wand_00 the screen – all without a special board. Just write on a screen or even a wall with the wand and it is projected. The IN3902 and IN3904 produce an XGA and WXGA image, puts 3,000 lumens of light on screen, has WiFi built in and can project items that are on a memory key. The projectors come with a five year warranty. Look for a full review in the coming weeks.

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