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Apple Takes a Bite Out of the Tablet Market

Ipad After months of speculation, rumor and outright lies, Apple finally introduced its long-awaited Tablet. Called iPad, the latest tablet has a beautiful 9.7-inch color screen, weighs 1.5 pounds and is about half an inch thick. The device can be viewed horizontally (for videos) or vertically (for reading or writing).

There’s a screen keyboard for typing and it can handle complex finger gestures, just like the iPhone, which its software is based on. The device comes with the Safari Web browser and a slew of apps. Apple will be offering iWork suite with a more touch-friendly interface that includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentations image viewing and editing. Like the earlier version of iWork, it excels at putting different items together into a compelling classroom project with a wide variety of fonts and templates.

Ipad side While iPad works just fine on its own, it can connect to a school’s network or the Web via WiFi or a 3-G cell phone data connection. So far, all the talk about content has revolved around streaming newspapers, magazines and popular ebooks to its screen, but if the range of iPhone apps and sources is any indication, I hope that the next step will be textbooks. It’s price starts at $500 with 16MB of storage, a little more than a netbook, but high-end models can cost $829. Look for it by the beginning of spring.



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Was wondering if you thought it might be useful for Physical Education teachers? Seems like a portable media platform that allowed them to pull up lesson plans and videos of activities might be perfect for them. At least that's what we're trying to figure out here at SPARK- how useful it would be for that audience.

Cool idea, but I suspect that many of them will be looking in on ESPN Sports Center rather than reviewing the rules of Handball.

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