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Exploring the New World

Stratalogica I won’t say that the time has come to throw those globes and pull-down maps away, but they can’t keep up with Nystrom’s StrataLogica. Based on Google’s mapping data, StrataLogica lets teachers and students look over and compare high resolution maps as a spur for discussions of geography, politics and history. The service includes e‐book atlases, social studies charts and outline maps. It works with PCs and Macs and there’s a free trial. They’re at booth 1348.

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Oh yes! This was by far the most inspired thing i saw at FETC in Orladno. The Nystrom people know maps and globes. Now they're doing in online and on smartboards. I can see this in every school...why would you wnat to do this any other way?

You are absolutely right, but I have to admit having a globe on my desk. I use a lot of online geography resources but there's nothing like having something physical to see and touch. I just wish it would keep up with the changing names of countries and their elastic borders.

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