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Projector for a Big Room

PL_Pro_Z8050W_Left[1] Auditoriums, lecture halls and cafeterias seat more students and deserve bigger and brighter projectors than those used in classes, and Epson’s PowerLite Pro Z8050WNL can put 7,000 lumens –three to four times the typical projector’s output – on the screen. It uses three tiny LCD screens to create a 1,280 by 800 resolution in vibrant color. Like other large venue projectors it has horizontal as well as vertical keystone correction and is perfect for rainy day movies, school-wide presentations and fund raising slide shows. So that it doesn’t overheat, the Z8050WNL is liquid cooled and there are a variety of lenses available. It can fill a 42-foot screen, costs $18,999 and includes a three-year warranty.

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