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Netbooks in the Cloud

SimmbookwithICSWfront[1] Since it sold off its PC division in 2005, IBM has been quiet when it comes to mobility and schools. Until now, with an offer that third world schools may not be able to refuse. At $190, the Simmbook from Simmtronics undercuts the price of most notebooks. Like other netbooks, the system has an Atom processor, 1GB of memory and a 10-inch screen that weighs in at about 2 pounds.

IBM-LOTUSLIVE-INOTE[1] But this set up is different from your everyday netbook. Software is its strength with Ubuntu Linux, theIBM Lotus Symphony suite of programs and a slew of collaborative software that can bring the classroom together. The Simmbook will have a 160GB hard drive, but its advantage lies in its connection to IBM’s Cloud Computing system. According to IBM, it can cut the costs per system by half compared to Windows netbooks. It will first be available in South Africa, but availability will spread throughout the developing world.


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