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Welcome to the 3-D Classroom

Get ready to start hearing about monitors, TVs and projectors that can show 3-D images and video. While most think that it’s all about watching “Avatar” in 3-D when its Blu-ray DVD comes out, this new technology can help in the classroom. Think about watching a 3-D representation of a molecule or the globe showing how an eclipse occurs and you get an idea of the possibilities. One big downside is that the class will have to wear those silly glasses.

Here's a preview of what to expect.

NP216_front[1] The NEC NP216 projector has Texas Instruments’ digital light processing imagining engine with XGA resolution, 2,500 lumens and an estimated 5-year lamp life. It also uses less power than other projectors and comes with a Carbon meter that shows how much carbon dioxide is not being emitted into the atmosphere by using the NP216. It’ll cost $799 when it goes on sale next month.

LCD750_R45 Samsung sets the pace by integrating 3-D into TVs with its LN46C750 display. At 46-inches, it’s big enough for most classrooms and can be mounted on a wall or on its elegant stand. The screen has a multitude of connectors, can show full HD programming and has a high-speed 24-hertz imaging engine. It should be out in May and cost about $1,700.


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