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A Big Lift for the Memory Challenged

Package-SAT_477x600 For good or bad, which college students get into is dependent almost entirely on their SAT scores. We all know that some students – and adults – have problems remembering things, particularly when it comes to tests. LearnLift’s MemoryLifter Learning Suite: Prep for the SAT is at the confluence of those two trends with a programmed approach to the test that can help kids master the SAT material without too much pain or wasted effort.

Using current psychological research and digital flashcards, MemoryLifter works with a student’s long-term memory so that the information stays with them, regardless of whether it’s about homophones or statistics. The Prep for the SAT system uses modules, including ones for Math, Critical Reading, Irregular Verbs, Vocabulary and Writing, which review the basic elements needed for success.

The software comes with a helpful video that explains the different elements and how to use them, but the focus of the course is the included 3,600 multimedia flash cards. The kit includes a printed study guide and audio books of the vocabulary that the test requires.

Along the way, there are plenty of quizzes and at the end of each session the software tabulates how you did and how much time it took. A nifty graph can show visually how well the student is progressing on the material.

Sat prep All the SAT Prep modules together sells for $50 and students can get individual ones for between $15 and $30 each. I love that it’s all on a USB memory key so it can go anywhere and help students who are short on time in the library, an Internet café or at home late at night. Just plug it into any computer and start mastering the material.

My only qualm about the system is that it might better be distributed without the physicality and expense of the box and memory key in a Web-based online course where kids log on, do their work and then move on to other things. Other than that, I can think of no better way to get ready for the SAT test.


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