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Bright and Big

PLC-WM5500_front-2-1 Big classrooms, auditoriums and even cafeterias require bigger and brighter projectors or some won’t be able to see. Sanyo’s PLC-WM5500 not only puts out an astounding 5,500 lumens of light and can show two different things with picture-in-picture but its 1,280 by 800 resolution is perfect for movies and wide-screen notebooks. It uses a trio of new inorganic liquid crystal display panels that has an active roll of filters that needs to be replaced every 10,000 hours of use; in other words it probably will never need to be changed. While it can fill a screen as big as 33-feet and the PLC-WM5500 has a power zoom as well as horizontal and vertical keystone correction. It may have enough light to give you a tan but the PLC-WM5500 weighs 21 pounds.


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