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Junior Workstation

Little tikes deska After seeing the Little Tikes Young Explorer desk I have to say that I’m mightily jealous that they don’t make one of these for grownups. The plastic workstation is perfect for those up to 7-years old, has a flat desk big enough for a keyboard and mouse and wrap-around wings so that adjacent kiddie workstations don’t bother each other.

It measures 47- by 34- by 43-inches and has a bench that’s big enough to accommodate two kids sharing the screen. Its seat flips up to reveal a storage area for everything from Crayons to software. I really like that there are no exposed wires and the computer has its own ventilated cabinet that can be locked shut.

Little tikes desk b3 Inside is a Lenovo ThinkCentre PC with 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive, a pair of speakers and a DVD drive. There’s a 19-inch flat screen and a very colorful matching keyboard and mouse. It comes with early learning programs like Millie's Math House, Sammy's Science House, Bailey's Book House, Trudy's Time and Place and Thinkin' Things. With Windows and a 1-year warranty, the Young Explorer desk sells for $2,600.


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