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Friday Freebee: A New Eye on Digital Photos

Eye-fi center Schools who have been using Eye-Fi’s unique SD card for moving digital images wirelessly from camera to PC know it can not only speed up art projects and field trip mementos but keep kids from losing the expensive SD flash cards. The company has new software that does the image hauling from camera to computer. It not only as a new name (Eye-Fi Center, not Eye-Fi Manager) but lets you load images directly to an online image account for sharing or printing and lets you sort your recent uploads with a calendar of when they were moved. It’s free, works with all Eye-Fi cards and there are versions for Macs and PCs. On the downside, you’ll probably have to update the software on the card as well to get it all to work.


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Brian, thanks for the shout-out on the new Eye-Fi Center software. Our new line of cards (called X2) are bigger (4GB and 8GB), faster (class 6 flash memory as well as a wireless 802.11n transmitter) and smarter with a very cool "Endless Memory" feature.

If you enable Endless Memory, you won't even have to worry about keeping track of which photos were sent to the computer and therefore which photos are safe to delete on the card. Eye-Fi can even take care of that chore for you!

And the Eye-Fi cards now pack a lot of these features at just $50. You can see how that stacks up with a regular SD memory card here: http://www.eye.fi/products/compare-cards

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