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Power-Friendly Color

C330dn_34_2nd_tray_eu It’s no secret that outfitting a school with color laser printers can mean spending less on ink but that the school’s electricity bill goes up. After all, many of these devices use so much power when they’re working that the lights can dim and can even require a separate power outlet of their own. The latest color lasers from OKI Data Americas go against the energy grain with color laser printers that use low-power LEDs to form the image.

The C330dn and C530dn are both Energy Star certified and offer an Eco Mode that uses less energy without sacrificing speed. Rated at 23- and 27-pages per minute, the C330dn and C530dn are able to churn out prints fast enough for everything from letters to parents to homework assignments and tests. While the C330dn uses 480 watts when being used and 14 watts when idle, the C530dn consumes 540 watts when printing and as little as 1.1 watts.

C530dn_34_2nd_tray_jp The good news for the crowded classroom or front office is that both are less than 10-inches tall, so they can fit in a bookcase yet still put high resolution 1,200 by 600 dot per inch images on paper. The best part is that they each come with built-in duplexing so that you can print on both sides of sheets to save on paper costs. The C530dn adds an SD flash card slot that can work with 16GB cards for holding fonts and forms.

A big bonus is Oki’s Color Access Policy Manager, which can lock users or certain document types out of printing in color. It also has a log that can document who’s using the printers the most. They will both be available in June and cost $400 and $500 for the C330dn and C530dn with a one-year overnight exchange warranty.


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