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TNT for Acrobat

Nitropdf Ever been frustrated with Adobe’s Acrobat Reader? There’s now an alternative to Adobe’s Reader software that goes so far beyond it and should be the standard for schools. NitroPDF Reader looks like Acrobat Reader 9.0 and can read a wide variety of .pdf files, old and new, but adds the ability to save documents, fill out forms, highlight, underline or strike out any text. If you want to personalize lessons and letters home, you can put your signature (or any scanned image) on the file and even password-protect its use.

My favorite is that at any time you can extract the text or images of any .pdf file, which is a huge help in customizing pre-made lesson plans. NitroPDF does something that the Reader 9.0 software wishes it could do. To convert a Word file into a .pdf document, just drop its icon onto the Nitro icon; the software does the rest.

While it’s as fast as Reader 9.0 at starting up and opening files, the company says they’re still working on increasing the program’s performance. The 22MB NitroPDF Reader is available for 32- and 64-bit PC systems but not for Macs or Linux computers. That’s a shame because it will mean that many IT administrators won’t consider it in light of the Reader 9.0 software’s ability to run on a wider variety of platforms.

Like the Reader, it’s free for the download, but the company really wants you to buy the $99 Nitro Professional, which adds the ability to combine multiple documents into a single .pdf file, scan a page into a .pdf and turn a .pdf into a Word file. Give it a try


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