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Top Resolution or Top Price

It seems that every generation of scanners get cheaper and more powerful, and the latest devices are no exception. Whether it’s the best color and resolution you’re after or an economical scanner, there’s something for every school.

Canoscan Looking for the best scans available for student artwork or projecting documents for the class? You can’t do much better than Canon’s upcoming CanoScan 9000F, a device that’s capable of 4,800 by 4,800 dot per inch scans of papers, and 9,600 by 9,600 dot per inch digital images of slides and negatives. Both are in vivid 48-bit color and with software enhancement can double resolution to more than 19,000 dots per inch. Originals are illuminated by LEDs so there’s no annoying warming and calibration time, and the CanoScan 9000F can automatically clean up imperfect originals. The scanner uses USB to connect with either a Mac or PC and will cost $250 when it goes on sale next month.

V330photo-front[1] By contrast, the Perfection V33 and V330 are bargain basement devices that still do surprisingly well at creating digital images. They sell for $89 and $119 but can create digital images of 4,800 by 9,600 dot per inch resolution. Both have no-warm up LED lighting as well as the ability to produce image files or Acrobat .pdf documents, but the extra $30 for the V330 adds a transparency holder so that it can scan slides and negatives as well as prints, newspaper stories and student artwork.


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