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Freebee Friday: A Page of Projector Patterns

Walvisions It seems that no two projectors are ever set up the same way in schools. Some IT people just eyeball what the projector puts on-screen others use an extensive array of equipment to tweak the projector’s output. Others do absolutely nothing, hoping that the factory settings work best. I’ve found that a good assortment of test patterns is essential to making sure that everyone in the class gets a good view. WalVision’s catalog of 5 dozen test patterns can help get it right so that type jumps off the page and flesh tones look lifelike. With everything from grayscale gradients and resolution targets to traditional TV test patterns and a spectrum of standard colors, it is a great way to make sure that the projector is working up to snuff or make sure the lamp is still putting out steady, uniform light. Each test is explained and there’s no reason you have to use them all; just pick the ones that make sense for your set up. The patterns work in just about any recent Web browser although they might look slightly differently and the animated ones require Javascript.



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Thanks for the informative post.

Good to hear it. What do you use the patterns for?

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