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The Long and Short of Scanning

Perfection v750m pro When you’re looking for absolutely the best scans of paper documents, negatives or slides, Epson outdoes the competition with its Perfection V750-M Pro scanner. At $850, it’s an expensive device in a world with $65 scanners. But, the V750-M Pro is a digital workhorse that is able to create super-sharp 6,400 dot per inch digital scans. The device’s dual lens means that everything is picture perfect. It works with both PCs and Macs, and can handle originals that are up to 8.5- by11.7-inches.

Lg_PANSCN06_paper_Angled If handling a flatbed scanner is too much for small kids, Pandigital’s Personal Photo Scanner has a lot of pull. The scanner grabs and pulls in sheets that are up to 8.5- by 11-inches and turns them into vivid 600 dot per inch digital images. It can’t handle slides or negatives but it can not only send the scans via a USB cable, the $150 Pandigital device can put them directly on a flash memory card, like an SD card.



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