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PC without the Plug

Skinnybytes Got a place where you need some PCs but not enough AC outlets or electrical capacity to power them? You’re not alone because rewiring a classroom or computer lab to support 20 PCs can cost thousands of dollars in a building of a certain age. There’s another way: use power over Ethernet (POE) to bring data and electricity to the system.

SkinnyBytes is a small company that specializes in making computers that don’t get plugged in, but get their power from an Ethernet LAN cable. It takes a slightly more expensive router or switch to integrate power over your school’s CAT-5 cables, but it’s easy to set up. SkinnyBytes has touch screen desktops as well as portable computers, all of which have touch screens. They range from $700 to $900 and a 16.5-inch desktop touchscreen system is on the way.


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