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Keeping a School Safe

Norton_2011_Box_Shot crop With every school year comes a new set of students as well as a new version of Norton’s flagship security software. The latest batch, Norton Internet Security and AntiVirus 2011, are now available and in light of an increase in cybercrimes, it was worth the wait.

On top of the expected pattern recognition of viruses, the software has a new Reputation Engine that checks with the experience that others have had with a piece of software. It can revive older PCs that are already bogged down with malicious software with the company’s PowerEraser software. Making a recovery boot DVD disc or USB memory key to bring a dead system back to life is quicker and easier than the 2010 version of the software. Finally, the program’s SafeSearch can keep kids away from objectionable and pornographic Web sites.

This protection is not at the cost of performance, however, with Norton 2011 leading in the speed to start up, launch apps and go to a variety of Web sites. It includes an innovative System Insight 2.0 screen that keeps an eye on all applications that are running and warns if any are slowing down. A cool feature that can help diagnose problems is the System Insight screen, which displays a line graph that shows processor or memory usage with the system’s usage shown in blue and NIS’s portion in yellow. This way you can keep an eye on your system’s power or trouble shoot when something goes wrong.

Nis 2011 ui There are 32- and 64-bit versions for Windows, and Norton should have a new Mac version in a few months. Despite all this protection, the current version of the software takes only a few minutes to install and set up, but it immediately downloaded and installed an 80MB program update. All told, expect it to take less than 10 minutes per PC to get complete protection.

Pricing of the new version is roughly the same as the 2010 edition. A license for 3 copies of Internet Security 2011 costs $70 with a year of updates, while a 10-pack costs $200. Volume discounts for schools are available.


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