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The Social Studies Pad

Pearson_iPad_app2[1]_(2)[1] We all know that the iPad has tremendous potential for teaching, if only the right apps were available. Pearson has taken a big step in that direction with a U.S. and World history curriculum that resides on the iPad. The company is trying it out at six middle-and high schools in Virginia that use the state’sBeyond Textbooks program. Pearson’s textbooks, America: History of our Nation and World History: Volume I have been digitized and adapted for the iPad and will be used in 7th and 9th grad classes stating in about a month. The trial will run for three months.  Chock full of interactive elements, learning games, puzzles and intellectual challenges, the text-pads also have tests and remedial sections. The state is spending $120,000 for buy iPads for the trial. Stay tuned because tomorrow I’ll look at five free iPad educational apps.

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