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TV vs. Internet

Forrester Which is a bigger distraction on kids’ already strained attention span television or the Internet? It appears that according to Forrester Research, the Internet is now the big thing that kids do after (and sometimes during) school. The report showed that the amount of time spent in cyberspace grew by 121 percent over the last 5 years. At the same time, the amount of TV viewing stayed stable.



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While TV watching is passive, internet usage might be an active learning experience. Kids are finding out how to do all sorts of stuff online. Youtube is a huge source of How To, and other learning videos.

TV watching is a passive activity...whilst internet can be active learning experience. Youtube is full of How To videos...and today, kids are learning tons of stuff watching video as well as interacting with peers online.

The problem as I see it is that there's just so much junk out there. Yes, there are some genuinely useful and excellent videos but too many of people skateboarding off of a roof. The key is to either put the useful videos on the big screen to show the entire class.

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