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Las Vegas Extravaganza

2011-CES-Las-Vegas-Convention-Center-USA What happens in Vegas during the annual Consumer Electronics Show doesn’t stay in Vegas. There are so many new computers, projectors, cameras and all sorts of TVs on display that they end up at offices, schools and homes around the globe. This year is no exception with lots on the floor to help teach a generation. Here are my favorites from this year's show.

X120e_black_11_JPKBD Netbooks Plus
The glow may be off of netbooks with new notebooks available at enviable pricing that do much more  than their smaller cousins. For instance, the ThinkPad X120e combines AMD’s Fusion E family of processors with an 11.6-inch screen and full-school day battery life. The whole thing is clothed in ThinkPad basic black, weighs under three pounds and will sell for $400, giving netbooks a run for the money.
HP Pavilion dm1 Entertainment PC, Image 2 Small but Powerful
Meanwhile, HP has been busy with its Pavilion DM1, a system with a 11.6-inch screen, AMD dual core processor and 3GB of RAM. It all provides a nice balance between size, weight and performance. A bonus for those who need to edit videos or create podcasts, the DM1 has a high-end system, including Dolby Advanced Audio. The best part is that it starts at $500, a little more than you’d pay for a netbook. 
With LG’s 72-inch TV, flat screens are catching up to projectors, and can now show a lesson to the entire class. The LZ9700 features roughly double the viewing space of a 40-inch screen, has a 400-hertz imaging engine for smooth action and LED backlighting. It can work with 2-D as well as 3-D programming and will be available in a few months.                                                                                   
Airstashtop2 iPad Removable Flash Cards
What’s the biggest shortcoming of an iPad in a classroom? For me, it’s the slate’s lack of a SD card slot for moving files into and out of the iPad. Wearable’s AirStash adds a wireless SD card reader to the iPad that’s just as good for adding images as it is for downloading a homework assignment. It uses the iPad’s WiFi radio, can work with up to 32GB cards and costs $100. 


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