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Ready or Not, Here Comes the Digital Classroom

Deepening connections cover Is your school ready for the digital classroom? Chances are that it isn’t, according to a recent report called "Deepening Commitment: Teachers Increasingly Rely on Media and Technology." Put together by PBS and Grunwald Associates, the survey shows that nearly two-thirds of the 1,204 K-12 public school teachers and 197 pre-K teachers in public and private schools surveyed frequently use digital media in the classroom. But, money is the main stumbling block with nearly half saying that cost restrictions are getting in the way.


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With financial issues looming across the US educational landscape, schools need to find affordable
ed tech solutions that will free up manpower, thereby reducing overtime costs and other HR related expenses. These savings can then be utilized for more tech in the classroom.

I couldn't agree more. In a couple of weeks I'll have comments from school IT professionals on how they're coping with buget cuts.

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