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Stand and Deliver

Tired of having to prop up your iPad with books? It seems that Apple’s iconic tablet has brought about a whole ecosystem of accessories that address things that the iPad designers left out. Top among them are stands because with the slate on a tabletop, the curved back of the slate causes it to wobble when you press on it. In other words, it’s time for your class to make a stand on iPads.

RingO%20Flip%20Stand%20-%20Typing%20Position First off, Vogel’s Ringo Flip Stand can make it stand on its own, turning the slate into the equivalent of a desktop monitor. The hardware provides a base so that the iPad can stand in a variety of ways, includes an app that turns the system into an alarm clock and costs $80.

Ipm-300 By contrast, Premier Mounts IPM-300 is a much more involved design, with three arms that grab the iPad for greater stability. It can be rotated to hold the device horizontally or vertically and can be screwed into a tabletop.


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