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Turning Students into Mathletes

Mathletics overall Looking to go beyond chalk and the blackboard to explain everything from trigonometric proofs to solving quadratic equations? The new version of Mathletics is better than ever with as close to a complete online mathematics curriculum as exists. It covers the gamut from Kindergarten (numbers, shapes and measurement) to grade 12 (geometry, statistics, probability and advanced algebra) with more than 750 individual topics.

The best part is that it not only works on both PCs and Macs as long as they have a recent Web browser, but it is Web-based so that students and teachers can use the service at any time, day or night.

There’s no shortage of interactive elements and videos to explain a variety of math concepts, techniques and tricks for solving problems. Students can customize their on-screen avatar and learn at their own pace by doing problems that get progressively harder. Once they’ve mastered a skill, they can move on to the next section or keep working on the previous section until it feels right.

Mathletics The program’s Teacher Center lets one person keep any eye on an entire class’s progress, or lack of it. On top of printing a wide assortment of worksheets for students to practice on the teacher can divide the class into groups at the same level, view or print student reports and export any results to a spreadsheet for grading or school purposes.

It costs $59 per student or $1,700 for a school-wide site license for roughly 250 students, and the company offers a free trial. Along the way, kids earn credits that teachers can use to earn prizes or just set up a class- or school-wide competition. The program tracks individual student progress and teachers can spur kids on by having them compete for a place on the leader board on the program’s home page.



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