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Head of the class

Sculpteo b What’s the most unique graduation gift you can give a special senior? Sculpteo.com can create a small statue of him or her in graduation garb. Just send in a couple of digital photos of the grad and they’ll create a custom figurine with their face. Sculpteo uses sophisticated 3-D printing technology to create a 3-D digital model on screen and then turns it into a plastic figurine.

To emphasize the theme of the big day, the figurine is wearing a gown and mortarboard hat complete with a tassel and is holding a diploma and book.  In addition to the graduation figures, the company can do a variety of sports figurines as well as groups or something of your own devising.

Sculpteo a Sculpteo makes three different sizes, including those that are 2.5-, 3.9- and 5.9-inches tall; they cost $74.90, $129.90 and $235.90. The 2.5-inch one I had made and takes about 10 days for the educational action figure to be created in France and shipped here.

The results are truly amazing with a genuine likeness that is uncanny and a bit eerie. It has natural skin tones, but exaggerated facial expressions. It ends up looking like something in between an artistic sculpture and a cartoon, and is guaranteed to be a hit.

Easily the most unique graduation gift given or received for this graduation season, it will be an unforgettable memento of the day.





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