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ISTE 2011: The Book on TI’s Color Calculator

324b4d57737936623932575773454a71346551-149x149-0-0 Despite having roots in the venerable TI-80 series, The TI-NSpire CX calculator means a whole new routine to learn and new opportunities because of its vibrant color screen. The $22 TI-Nspire for Dummies book is a must read for math teachers who want to use the new calculator in the classroom to its utmost.  Regardless of whether it’s for novices or an AP Stats class, the 392-page book show how to do a variety of basic calculations, graph functions, use the 3-D screen and create a statistical analysis. There’s even a great cheat sheet filled with great shortcuts. You can try to win a copy by going to TI’s booth, 1717 during the show, but there’s a great cheat sheet available for free.



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I've seen several cheat sheet on the net that had been pretty useful for me to understand more on how to use the formulas and functions.

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