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Freebee Friday: An A in Grading

Thinkwave gradebook The last thing you want is to digitize the grading function at a district only to find that it costs fortune to license the software. ThinkWave’s GradeBook is totally free and is a good way for teachers to record and distribute grades. Just register for it and you’re ready to grade.

To ease getting started with GradeBook, ThinkWave emails you links to start-up suggestions as well as useful video tutorials. It’s an easy program to learn on your own, but these things help.

You’ll need to enter the school’s name, its school year, grades covered and how the year is divided. There’s even a place to add the school’s motto that will show up on the child’s final report card.

The software covers homework, projects, quizzes and tests and they can be scored on any standard you like. There’s a field to add comments, like lateness or areas that the child needs to work on. All the action takes place in a Web browser and at the end of the semester, ThinkWave does the heavy lifting needed to prepare a class’s worth of report cards.




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