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Freebee Friday: Chrome Calculator

Calc_4 The apps that run within Google’s Chrome Web Browser are becoming more numerous and varied, with some aimed right at the classroom. The latest is a cool graphing calculator that’s absolutely free. Rather than spending a hundred dollars for a calculator or even $10 or $15 for a Windows program, Desmos has a freebee calculator that should fit into every math and science classroom. On top of regular calculations, it can graph any function on an X-Y Cartesian plane as well as polar coordinates.

Calc_2 I used it for a few weeks and the calculator loads in a flash and runs on even minimalist netbooks. That’s because most of the heavy processing takes place at Google’s servers. Desmos lets a group of kids work together, making the program perfect for a collaborative math project or physics lab. The best part is that there are many sample calculations that can be used in the calssroom and it’ll work on any computer that has a Chrome browser available for it, including PCs, Macs and Linux computers.




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Thanks, Brian!

Send any questions or suggestions to us at calculator [at] desmos.com. Always looking to make this better and more useful.

- Eli

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