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Freebee Friday: Sensing an Opportunity

Labquest kid Interested in incorporating Vernier’s sensor technology and its software into a classroom curriculum, but don’t know where to start? This September, Vernier will start a round of free seminars on how to use its LabQuest products in the classroom. Each is a four hour, comprehensive workshop that will not only show how to use the equipment but get you to actually do it yourself. 

The first round will be in the Southwest at these locations:
• September 12, 13: Dallas, TX

• September 13: Tulsa, OK

• September 14: Austin, TX

• September 14: Oklahoma City, OK

• September 15: Wichita, KS

• September 15, 17: San Antonio, TX

• September 19, 20: Houston, TX 

• September 29: Minneapolis, MN

More are coming later this year. 



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