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One AC Adapter to Rule Them All

Innergie bIf you’re tired of having a separate AC adapter for your notebook and tablet or smartphone, Innergie’s mCube Slim 95 can do double duty by charging many, but not all, of your classroom devices. 

The mCube Slim 95 is tiny compared to what the notebook maker provides and uses less power. At 2.4 by 4.3 by 0.7-inches and weighing 6.3 ounces it is 50 percent smaller and lighter than the typical power converter.

White, with a gray beltline, the mCube Slim 95 has a blue LED light to show that it’s connected. It gets its power from a 5-foot AC cord and a two-prong plug, which for many will be a big step up from the clunky three-prong plug that many off-the-shelf notebook AC adapters require.

At the other end is a plug for the power cord that sends electricity to your computer. The kit comes with 9 power tips that work with hundreds of computer models from Acer to Toshiba. There are also tips for less popular notebooks that cost $20 each, but Innergie will give you the first one for free. The mCube adapter comes with a nice zippered bag, so you won’t lose any of the parts.

There’s a big bonus for tablet and smart phone users. The mCube also has a USB power outlet that puts out up to 10 watts. It is enough to power an iPad and can be used on its own or when the notebook is charging.

All told, it can dole out 95 watts of power continuously or as much as 110 watts for brief periods. It works with notebooks that require between 15 and 21 volts, so it should work with most recent systems. If it is overloaded or shorted out, the AC adapter has been designed to automatically shut itself down.

Innergie aOver the course of three weeks, I used the mCube adapter with 8 different notebooks, two tablets, a smartphone and a mobile hotspot without a problem. If it worked with every computer, getting the mCube would be a no-brainer, but it doesn’t work with Apple notebooks, Toshiba Qosmio systems and several other notebooks.

It’s been designed and manufactured for the long run. While all but a few computers (and their AC adapters) come with a 1-year warranty, Innergie’s mCube has a 3-year warranty.

The next time you need a new power adapter, why get a big, clunky device that costs too much. At $95, Innergie’s mCube Slim 95 is cheaper, smaller, lighter and can work with hundreds of notebooks. Sounds like a winner to me.



+ Small and light adapter

+ Auxiliary USB power outlet

+ 2 prong power plug

+ 3-year warranty

+ Compatibility with hundreds of notebooks


- Doesn’t work with some notebooks





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