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FETC 2012: Paper Goes Digital

Lg-math-viewThere may be little overlap between paper tests and digital electronics but KarbonStream’s KarbonPad creates an intriguing hybrid device that provides the best of both worlds. The 14.5- by 10.5 device weighs 2.2 pounds and lets students take tests and quizzes on the familiar and easy to produce paper test or quiz, but KarbonPad translates the student’s answers into digital form so that they can be electronically corrected and dropped into computerized grade book software. It communicates with WiFi, has 2GB of internal storage and works with bubbles, multiple choice as well as written answer formats and the pad can be used as a response clicker with five potential answers.




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What a perfect device that decreases the amount of time scoring tests as well as transfers the scores to a data base! Now teachers are able to their time teaching children and giving them additional help.

That's exactly right. I'm surprised nobody thought of this sooner.

Cool, I'd be interested to know how it works. I'll check it out!

Thanks for your interest. We designed the KarbonPad with the interests of students and teachers in mind. The KarbonPad scores paper tests instantly, saving endless hours scoring test which the teachers can use on quality teaching. Our product manager, Ravi Ramsaran, will be in touch with you. Please check out our website for other interesting information. www.karbonstream.com.
KC Lim
President & CEO
Karbonstream Corporation

The exhibit layout and introduction at FETC was particularly effective at how it emulated a classroom environment and even used hand drawn graphics. Then the product itself, which was light weight, easy to understand and sleek was clearly demonstrated.
The hands on experience reinforced the promise of the messaging.

The exhibit allowed people to get as much information as they had time for, from the big picture story down to the details thru the graphics, then led to the actual product in a seamless experience.

This product is fascinating for several reasons - chief among them is that it solves a major problem without expecting a drastic change in behavior. As a former product manager in the education technology industry, I faced this issue all the time. Time-saving innovations were met with resistance because it required teachers to change they way they did things. It wasn't that they did not want to change; it's that they didn't have the time to change. Karbonstream's product doesn't ask them to change; in fact, the immediacy of feedback creates time. I think teachers will embrace the ability to adjust teaching and intervention strategies in real-time - they've been wanting to, but never had the tool to actually do it. Throw in the promise of eliminating the reliance on expensive and time-wasting Scantron bubble sheets, and it appears that Karbonstream has built a winner.

I'll be very interested to watch this product take off.

Really cool idea...I can see using this in my classroom as compared to Scantron, this just seems so much easier.

What price do you think makes this a no-brainer for the classroom?

What a cool machine! Now I dont have to squint and fear deteriorating my eyesight deciphering hundreds of scrawlies. Kudos to the person who gave a thought to teachers and the company who had faith in the idea. A teacher's dream come true......a machine that marks scripts! Cant wait for it to be available in my school.

Mrs Kwek, Singapore

What do you teach and how would you envision using the pad?

I went to FETC this year to price a set of clickers to use with my third grade inclusion, self-contained class. Another teacher and I stumbled upon KarbonPad and were amazed at everything it could do to help teachers with assessment, PLUS it had a clicker! Well, I was floored.

It was durable, extremely simple to use and intuitive. The software was user-friendly and simple enough with great data. (And you don't have to type it in yourself!) The KarbonPad could even be used to complete running records, which are so valuable but we all hate scoring.

I can't wait for KarbonPad to become available!

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