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Brightness without the Juice

TL30W_remoteWho says you need an expensive traditional lamp to get the brightness needed for a projector to cut it in the classroom? Not Optoma, which just introduced two projectors that use the company’s solid state EcoBright engine. Both put a WXGA image on a screen, but the TL30W uses 300 LEDs and the TL50W has 500 LEDs. The projectors deliver 300- and 500-lumens respectively, which is not a lot but should be fine with the lights off and the blinds down.

TL50W_Left_FrontBoth devices can connect to the typical inputs like VGA and HDMI ports as well as having a WiFi receiver for wireless connections. Each has the one-two punch of an SD card slot and a USB outlet and has built-in software for reading Office files directly. With a 3-year warranty, they sell for $550 and $650, respectively, and unlike traditional projectors, they will likely never need to have the lamp replaced, saving hundreds of dollars over its life.



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