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iPad Protection Plan

I1075 aAny teacher contemplating bringing an iPad on a field trip, an overnight class trip or even a science class hike in the rain can be forgiven for trying the baby their tablet en route. Nothing protects a school tablet better or for less than Pelican’s iPad i1075 Hardback case.

Made of molded black ABS plastic, the fold-open case is rigid and has a solid feel as opposed to the padded vinyl that most tablet cases are made out of.  The case is filled with shock-absorbing foam to absorb the blow of a fall and has an O-ring seal that keeps dust and liquids out.

It may be a hard body but the case’s interior is soft enough to prevent the slate from getting scratched or abused. On the other hand, it’s overkill for most schools. The i1075 has been tested in 3-feet of water and it’s rated for use from -10- to 210-degrees Fahrenheit, conditions that are much harsher than the typical trip to the zoo or natural history museum.

The case has a single latch that seals the elements out and is easy to open and close with one hand. It measures 2.1- by 9.8- by 12.4-inches and weighs just over 2 pounds. Unfortunately, that’s more than double the tablet’s size and weight, but together, the pad and case are still barely the size of a netbook.

I1075 bInside, the case has room for not only the iPad but also its accoutrements, like power adapter, cords, ear plugs and other accessories. Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with its cylindrical battery fits perfectly into the case, although generic keyboards don’t fit as well.

There’s even a notched out area for holding the slate upright either horizontally or vertically, transforming the slate into a mini notebook computer. It can be the basis of a mini classroom, although there’s no place to hold a stylus.

A rare design misstep is that the case doesn’t come with a matching handle that would allow the i1075 to be easily carried around like a briefcase. The i1075 does have an adjustable strap that can set up for over the shoulder use. If you double up the material, it can be reasonably good handle. The case can be locked shut with a small padlock.

I1075 cAble to accommodate a first- or second-generation iPad, the tablet fits snugly, but there aren’t models for specific Android slates. There’s no way to charge it while the iPad is inside.

The next time you drop your iPad or take it out in the rain, rest assured that it’ll survive without skipping a beat, that is, if it’s in Pelican’s i1075 case. At $56, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.



iPad Pelican i1075 Hardback

Price: $56

+ Inexpensive

+ Rugged and dust proof

+ Molded interior with tablet stand

+ Place for keyboard and accessories

+ Lifetime warranty


- Big and heavy

- Doesn’t work well with generic keyboards



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It seems the ipad is in full protection when you put it inside this bag. The case is filled with shock-absorbing foam to absorb the blow of a fall and has an O-ring seal that keeps dust and liquids out. I also love the way that it is so hard outside to protect byt soft enough inside to avoid scratches.

Have you broken many iPads or other tablets?

I can hardly find words to express how thankful I am for posting this information! very useful!

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