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Freebee Friday: The Summer of Learning

Ascd logoThis summer can be a time of hanging out at the beach, sleeping late and professional development, thanks to ASCD’s summer Boot Camp series of Webinars. They’re free and cover a wide assortment of topics, from getting the most out of the Web to teacher evaluations. All you need to do is register. Here’s the rundown for July:

July 20—

“Creating a Culture of Achievement,” with Nancy Frey and Dough Fisher will explore how to turn educational goals on paper into real progress in the classroom.

July 12—

“Reading for Meaning: How to Build Students’ Comprehension, Reasoning, and Problem-Solving Skills,” is an in-depth look at upping a classes comprehension by reading for meaning. It’ll feature Harvey Silver.

July 17—

“Learning Targets: Helping Students Aim for Understanding in Today’s Lesson,” with Connie Moss takes a look at how learning targets help teachers create daily lessons and learning experiences.

July 24—

“Virtual Summer Camp: The Newest Tools on the Web to Explore for Instruction,” is a great way to brush up on your online skills and enliven the upcoming school year. It has Mike Fisher leading you on a Web journey of discovery.



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