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Classroom Connections

Vdi-graphic-v2The idea of virtualization is simple and seductive for cash-strapped schools: use cheap, minimalist hardware to mimic a PC in the classroom. In other words, lessons, research and Web access don’t need expensive individual computers anymore. Dell’s recent acquisition of Wyse takes this idea to a new level with the Desktop Virtualization Solutions Simplified Appliance. Powered by Dell’s PowerEdge server and Citrix VDI software, the systems are easy to set up, give a variety of users access to school network and online resources, and – above all – are affordable. For example, the Typical set up starts with version 5 of Citrix’s VDI-in-a-Box software, its XenServer and a Dell PowerEdge R710 server

To help figure out the details and whether it’s a good deal for your school, Dell has six hours of online training courses in virtualization.




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