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Freebee Friday: From Slate to Screen

Iprojection aWhat’s worse than teaching with a tablet computer only to be tethered to the projector by a short video cable? Not much, but it could be a thing of the past with Epson’s iProjection app. The software works with iPads at the moment, but an Android version is on the way.

With iProjection, you can not only project photos, most popular document formats or Web pages but the set up transfers the video via a WiFi connection to the projector so there’re no cables to tie you down. It’s very much like Splashtop’s WhiteBoard app, but restricts the output to WiFi-enabled Epson projectors.

Iprojection bThe free iProjection app is a real cost-saver because it can be used by connected teachers and students to mark-up screens so the app, an iPad and a projector can replace a more expensive touch-board or interactive projector. The included annotation tools include the ability to change the color and weight of the line as well as the ability to mimic a highlighting marker. At any time you can erase an entry or wipe the whole screen clear of all the mark-ups and start a new lesson. It’s one of the best freebees around and available at the iTunes App Store, but I can’t wait for the Android version.




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