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Entering a New Galaxy

GALAXY Note 10.1 Product Image (5)The latest Samsung Galaxy Note has a 10.1-inch screen and S-Pen, making it a great one-two combination for schools. Based on Andorid 4.0, it comes with a great pressure sensitive pen that lets it act as an artistic pad for drawing as well as a slew of software, including Kno’s digital textbook app. In addition to Adobe Photoshop Touch and Polaris Office, the slate comes with Samsung’s Shape Match and Formula Match for turning scribbles into geometric shapes and math formulas.

GALAXY Note 10.1 Product Image (6)The system weighs in at 1.3-pounds and is just a third of an inch thick. All 10.1-inch Notes have a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and an all-day battery pack. With 16GB the slate costs $500 and with 32GB it costs $550.




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