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Best Calculator Bargain

Mzl.xddhbxdr.320x480-75They can’t compare with my 1980s vintage HP 11c calculator, but today’s best bargain is HP’s 12c and 15c calculator apps by simulating the look feel, and – most importantly – the math abilities of the real thing. The 12c app matches a vintage 12c Platinum key for key and can figure out a variety of business functions, like Time Value of Money, cash flow and Net Present Value. By contrast, the 15c app has a scientific bent and can work with matrix math as well as deal the complex functions and numerically integrate equations. It is programmable with up to 448 lines of code. If they are purchased by September 17, the 12c costs $5 and the 15c goes for $6.  


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This calculator is the best bargain ever! Thank you for bargaining it. I know people need it not only for studies but also for business.

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