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Complete Windows 8 Protection

Norton aAs Windows 8 starts to become a reality in a little more than a month, protecting a school’s computers and data become paramount. Norton’s trio of flagship protection products – AntiVirus, Internet Security and 360 – get a revamping for the new software.

The software works just fine with Win 7 but has been redesigned for the new OS and software. It is safer because it has emphasis on dealing with the scams involved with social networking, can warn users if they’re venturing into risky sites and the programs have a new firewall. Norton bIt’s faster and can actually extend the battery life of a notebook by only running when it needs to. It’s simpler to use as well because it’s been re-engineered for using one of the new touch screen systems and doesn’t require rebooting to take advantage of new updates.

Pricing is similar to current versions with AV going for $50, Internet Security costing $80 and 360 going for $90.


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Complete protection on windows 8 is a must for the internet is a volatile area where it can ignite. That's a nice add on to this.

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