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Data Safe

N2_FrontAs many schools in the south and Midwest found out during flooding at the end of the summer vacation, it only takes a little water to do a lot of damage. The ioSafe’s N2 drive enclosure is capable of housing a pair of SATA hard drives with up to 8 terabytes of school data and use RAID techniques to minimize the chances of losing a byte of data. Drives can be hot swapped and the case has been designed to survive a disaster and come back for more. It has a water-proof steel case, special FloSafe vents that keep heat out during a fire and a layer of insulation that allows the N2 to protect its drives up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It will cost $600 without a drive and will include data recovery services in the event of a failure.


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Wet documents compromise a lot of the data in them, and with Hurricane Sandy bringing floods into different states, written documents would be waterlogged and illegible, and computer hardware obsolete due to short circuiting. Having a drive enclosure housing your computer hard drives only serves to guarantee that your files are always safe in times of natural disaster.

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