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New World and Old

Almanac coverWhat do Justin Bieber, Eli Manning, a tree frog, a girl gymnast and Jennifer Lawrence have in common? They’re all on the cover of the latest World Book Almanac for Kids. Aimed at kids 8 and up, the 2013 edition costs $14 and can be a class’s font of knowledge about everything from the rise of Islam in the seventh century to the world’s largest cities. There are several quizzes and puzzles as well as excellent up to date maps and country profiles, including an entry for the youngest country, South Sudan. A copy should be next to the dictionary in every class, plus there’re lots of additional online goodies at the publisher’s site.


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It is fun to have this book full of interesting facts and you can acquire more information. There are many fabulous books that you can have for your kids but I'd like to appreciate World Book Almanac because of sharing good information for kids.

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