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IPieces_Group_ShotWhile checkers and knock hockey still rule recess during bad weather, there’s a new game in town. iPieces can turn an iPad into a game machine that will keep most children occupied until it's time for class. Aimed at four-year olds and older, iPieces comes in five varieties, including Fishing, Hockey, Goose, Snakes and Ladders and Pool.

Each game comes with game pieces that have a soft felt bottom that interact with an iPad’s screen as Photowell as extra stick-on felt for when it wears out. To get going, all you do is install the free game from the iTunes site and get your game on. The apps work with all iPads from the iconic first one to the latest Mini. There’s unfortunately no software for Android tablets.

The games are absorbing and fun, even for older kids. Kids can hit slapshots across the ice, aim at fish below the surface and shoot a quick game of 8-ball before the bell rings.

The main problem, however, is that the pieces are too easy to lose, although they come in handy storage boxes that can be stacked on top of each other. The games cost less than $10 each.


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