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Kicking You Know What

KB6000_previewWhether it’s for listening to multimedia lessons or the teacher, no classroom today can be without a set of good speakers. Kicker’s KB-6000 can not only fill a room with quality sound, but are inexpensive and come ready to be mounted on a  wall or ceiling.

 Inside each KB-6000’s durable plastic case is a 6.5-inch tuned polypropylene cone woofer that’s surrounded by Santoprene along with a 2- by 5-inch compression midrange-tweeter assembly. Together they are rated to be able to handle up to 150-watts.

The speaker set comes in black or white and are capable of reproducing audio from 55Hz to 21KHz, which mirrors the range of human hearing. They sound surprisingly good with an emphasis on bright high notes. They can be used for everything from playing back a classroom pod cast or used in an auditorium with microphones for a play or musical recital.

Kb6000 backA big bonus compared to the competition is that the KB-6000 comes with mounting brackets that allow the speakers to be rotated 180-degrees right or left and all the hardware needed to put them on a wall or celing It takes about 15 minutes to install them, but hiding the wires might take a little longer.

Because they are bookshelf-type speakers, the KB-6000 don’t require separate power to operate, they only need speaker wire to connect. On the other hand, they will require either an amplifier, public address system or a stereo receiver to use. They worked just as well with a Logitech speaker set, a Sherwood amplifier or a public address system. The speakers are water resistant but should be used indoors.

Price is the best part because a set of KB-6000 speakers has a list price of $180, but if you shop carefully, you can get them for as little as $118. That’s half as much as JBL’s comparable NS-AW570 speakers, which don’t include mounting brackets. Sounds good to me.


Kicker KB-6000 Speakers

Price: $118


+ Inexpensive

+ Good range of audio reproduction

+ Includes mounting brackets

+ Waterproof

+ Doesn’t need power


- Requires amplifier





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