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Projecting a Green Image

M311W_slant_eOne of the most intractable problems facing a school is its power bill that can run into the 5 figures per month in some large institutions. Sure you can put timers on light switches and put compact fluorescent bulbs in fixtures, but a new breed of projectors can cut electrical waste without sacrificing brightness. NEC’s NP-M311x projector not only can put 3,100 lumens of light on the screen but uses 12 percent less power in Eco Mode but their bulbs are rated to run for 10,000 hours or something like 8 or 9 years of typical school use. It has XGA resolution, Crestron’s Roomview Connect hardware built in and can play itesm off of a USB memory key. It costs $829 and its two year warranty can be doubled if you register with NEC’s Star Student discount program.  


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