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Putting an iPad Anywhere you Want to

SpiderArm b - CopyOne of the problems that schools have to come to grips with after introducing iPads into the classroom is where to put them and keep hands free for working with the screen. Problem solved: SpiderArm’s innovative hardware can put the pad in your face and leave both hands free to write, scribble or tap the screen.

The key is SpiderArm’s SecureSnap distinctive pad holder, which the pad snaps into. The base holds the tablet firmly in place and it can be removed at a moment’s notice for quick grab and go maneuvers. On the back of the holder is an innovative ball joint assembly that not only can hold the pad upright on its own, but allows it to be angled in a variety of positions with SpiderArm’s included arms.

It comes with a variety of anodized aluminum arms, brackets and hardware that allow it to be set up in several different ways. For instance, its surface mount bracket can be screwed into a wall, table top or from underneath a cabinet in a science lab. You could use the clamp that attaches to the edge of a tabletop for when the mounting needs to be less permanent. There’s even a cylinder that fits snugly into a car’s cup holder.

SpiderArm c - CopyThere’re two straight arms of varying lengths that are included and one with a 45-degree bend to it that should suit mounting an iPad in just about any classroom. You can use all of the arms for a super long rack or just one to keep it close at hand, but changing or rearranging Spiderarm’s parts takes a few minutes thanks to adjustment knobs that can be loosened and tightened by hand.

Mastering the SpiderArm system can be a little daunting at first and takes some time to figure out. The arms hold the pad firmly, but they are easy to move around to get to a new position. Unfortunately, the screen wobbles a bit when hit or after tapping an icon.

SpiderArm dThere are versions of Spiderarm with pad holders for each of the three iPad generations, although you’ll need to separately purchase the holder for the first generation iPad; it costs $10. Unfortunately, there is no hardware for holding any Android tablets and the company is working on hardware for an iPad Mini.

Spiderarm is the rare piece of school equipment that comes with all the hardware you’re likely ever to need and can turn a room full of iPads into a teaching zone, plus the company has several accessories and spare parts. At $50, it’s a classroom steal that can make the iPad more of a teaching tool.



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